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Egyptian  Jewry under the Nasser Regime, 1956-70. (139k)

Why Jews Fled the Arab Countries.

Shmuel Azar and Dr Moshe Marzouk


Caption Reads: "Dr Moshe Marzouk; he believed in the unity of the people"
Presented by Abe Mourad:


both Jews born in Egypt, were arrested for spying for Israel, and executed by hanging in an Egyptian jail in 1955. 6 Others were arrested with them and jailed for up to 15 years.

Israel Honors 9 Egyptian spies 03/30/2005 -->  



Caption Reads: "Shmuel Bechor Azar; aimed to be an officer in the IDF
Presented by Abe Mourad

The Dispersion of Egyptian Jewry

Egyptian Jewish Identities

An Expulsion with a Pledge to Never Return

sortie_sans retour. Baffeled and confused, Click for a larger picture

(Akher Saa November 28, 1956)

Egyptian Jews being  expelled from Egypt in 1956 under the direction of President Gamal Abd El Nasser. All those expelled had to sign a pledge of NEVER TO RETURN, leaving behind their possessions, amounting to Billions of dollars. 

All their assets have been placed under sequestration and confiscated by the government  of which no restitutions have been made. 

The policy of sequestration and confiscation was in effect from 1948-1967. During the war of 1967 many Jews  were mistreated and placed in jails for no reason other than they  are of the Jewish faith. Egypt has yet to apologize.

Today, with a handful of Jews left in all of Egypt, our request to salvage and rescue our heritage and religious articles has been denied by Egypt stating  it all has been placed under the auspices of the department of Antiquities, and therefore may not leave Egypt.

Egypt officially denied that any request has been made despite our numerous letters,to President Mubarak including thousands of petitions to release our Judaic articles from Egypt. Numerous articles in the media have been disregarded. 

Dear friends, this is a second sequestration in less than half a century. We appeal to the free world to intercede in our behalf and express contempt for Egypt's action by signing the petition 

Media Reports Leaving Egypt, waiting on line to clear customs


Osama el Baz

 Letter to Osama El Baz August 13, 1996

Official dismisses Jewish compensation call

Letter to Carmen Weinstein Thursday March 13, 1997

Marc Cohen's departure. Click for a large picture Mr. Mark Cohen carrying his suit case out of Egypt. Mr. Cohen resides in New York today.

Les Juifs de Nasser

The Forgotten Exile

Jews kicked out of Arab countries
Jews Kicked out of Arab Land Part 2

Value of property owned by Jews fleeing Arab Countries estimated at $30 BIllion

Egypt’s Jewish Heritage is Disappearing


Lost Prophecy

Under my Father’s Tallis Dynasty The house of Yacoub Cattaui

Report on a recent trip_Back to the Nile

Mark Twain on the Jews 1899


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