The Campaign for Rights and Redress

The Campaign for Rights and Redress

JJAC Holds Summit In New York City

Malcolm Hoenlein addressed the evening gathering of delegates


JJAC Leadership Report - Spring 2007

Briefing Memo For Government Representations: In support of House Resolution 185 & Senate Resolution 85 on Middle Eastern Refugees"

Briefing Memo For Government Representations.pdf

Landmark Resolutions Introduced in the US Senate and House of Representatives Recognizing Rights for Jews from Arab Countries as Middle East Refugees

Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive
Interviews with widows of Jews executed in Arab countries, illustrating Jewish life there in the 1960s.

Press Release Feb,20 2007

Senate Resolution Pdf Format

House Resolution Pdf format



International Rights and Redress Campaign

Stanley Urman, director of a campaign to gain restitution for Jews who fled Arab countries, meets with other delegates in Brussels, March 26.

Jews who fled Arab countries take campaign to European Union (JTA March 28,2006)

The Campaign for Rights and Redress is gearing up to lobby for the resolution in Congress requesting that whenever the rights and concerns of the Palestinians are addressed in law or action, that the Jewish Refugees from the Arab Countries also be mentioned.

Rep. Tom Lantos is a co-sponsor. We will be campaigning to get our entire Congressional delegation on board .

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Also, JIMENA will be organizing training sessions for volunteers to help in the documentation effort. Stay posted for dates and times!

Click here for information on the Registration program for the campaign, a form for you to download in English or French, and a short video (of our own Regina Waldman) to urge people to register.

VIDEO A Personal Call for Jews from Arab Countries to Register Their
Family Histories with Justice for Jews from Arab Countries by Regina Waldman


Rights of Jews from Arab Lands.pdf

The Forced Migration of Jews From Arab Countries and Peace

ISLC and Justice for Jews from Arab Countries


Point of no return


Information and links about the Middle East's forgotten Jewish refugees

Recent Events

Restitution for Egyptian Jews versus Palestinian rights

[October 19, 2005] Brandeis University, ....

"....the Japanese example is different, that Egypt has paid some restitution to Jews from Egypt? And that if we are expecting President Mubarak to apologize, the answer is  “No”.


We want to move forward and nothing is to be gained by rehashing the past, or try to assess who is right and who is wrong!! ."


....After all once our generation has passed on the newer generation already feels the obligation to carry that torch forward.


Yes your Excellency “I agree with you”


Point of no return: Egypt's 'ping pong effect'

JJRC Meeting in Jerusalem 2006 JJAC Leadership Report - Fall 2006

Report on Summit of Diaspora Jewish Communities and Organizations October 22-23, 2006 - Jerusalem, Israel

Justice for Jews from Arab Countries - Update

Justice for Jews from Arab Countries- Zionism-Israel Web Log

The Forgotten Refugees

An Appeal to Register by
Rabbi Dr. Elie Abadie
(Born in Lebanon)