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Growing up Jewish in Alexandria: The Story of a Sephardic Family's Exodus from Egypt


Growing Up Jewish in Alexandria


Les derniers juifs d'Alexandrie

29/09/1992 Année de production.  Résumé Pendant plus d'un siècle, Alexandrie a été la plus européenne des villes du Moyen Orient, unissant langues, religions et cultures dans un commerce amoureux et financier. En 1956, la nationalisation nassériste entraine la fuite de différentes communautés et en particulier celle des juifs, groupe ethnique installé en Égypte depuis Alexandre Le Grand. Le reportage d'Antoine Mora donne la parole aux derniers survivants de ce cosmopolitisme, représentés par Joe, dernier commerçant juif de la ville, qui tient une mercerie. En français, il parle de sa vie quotidienne, de son amour pour sa ville, du passé, réunit quelques derniers coreligionnaires dans la synagogue pour célébrer shabbat ...

Levana Zamir Speech to the United Nations - 21.11.13



(Orion, 2014, 408 pages).

The Golden EraDownload digital version : http://www.tiktakti.co.il/catalog/Egyptian_Jewry/

NASSER'S LIST - Brazilian immigration cards given to Jews from Egypt in the 1950s.

A Lista de Nasser from Alain Bigio on Vimeo.

Brazilian immigration cards given to Jews from Egypt in the 1950s.

Extracted from the site:


Egypt Is on a Quest for Normalcy.pdf

David Sultan is a native of Cairo. He joined Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1964
and served there for some forty years. Among his various posts, Ambassador Sultan headed
the Middle East and Peace Process Department (1989–1992). Abroad, he served as consul general in Milan and as ambassador to Egypt (1992–1996), Canada (1996–2000), and Turkey (2001–2003) respectively. Ambassador Sultan is the author of Between Cairo and Jerusalem: The Normalization between Arab States and Israel—The Egyptian Case.

Notre histoire en Egypte, racontée par Joseph Hakim.




"My life in Abuzaabal and Tora" introduced by Elie A. Kheder


First Egyptian Righteous Among the Nations honored

Correspondence with Mrs. Magda Haroun

Magda Haroun

HSJE Congratulates Mrs. Haroun upon her nomination to the presidency of the Jewish community of Egypt.

We withheld publishing the letters pending a reply from her, but unfortunately none has been received as of Today. The letters are written in English, French, and Arabic

English Version

Egypt/letters/magda haroun/Haroun eng signed.pdf
French Version

Egypt/letters/magda haroun/Haroun Fr signed.pdf
Arabic Version

Egypt/letters/magda haroun/Haroun arabic signed.pdf


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يهود مصر رحلة بدون رجعة

  • Egyptians in the Shadow

     A 3 part documentary of the Second Exodus filmed in Egypt by an Egyptian.
  • An excellent 3 parts clip video from Egyptians view points. Series narrated in Egyptian Arabic, a perspective from an Egyptian. Please note that many of the still photographs come from the Historical Society of Jews From Egypt (HSJE)  website. unfortunately no credits were issued by the reporter


El Nabi Daniel Synagogue Alexandria, Egypt presentation

Les Juifs chez les Arabs-3 parts series




Egypt That Was

Egyptian Delegation to the League of Nations





Cattaoui Pasha School




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