Historical Society of Jews From Egypt


We the undersigned Jews from Egypt as a consequence of the Arab-Israeli conflicts, having reached these shores of the United States of America, and now after close to 40 years of sojourning in this free land have counseled among ourselves to preserve our rich cultural heritage, and to serve our community in the manner that our fathers and forefathers have enjoyed being attended to in Egypt by the " La Communauté Israélite du Caire et d'Alexandrie " or the Jewish Community of Cairo and Alexandria and their institutions.

This organization shall be known as HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF JEWS FROM EGYPT, and not of Egypt or of Egyptian Jews, but FROM EGYPT for the purpose will be to include all our co-religionists whose lineage have sojourned in the Jewish Communities of Egypt.

The aims of this society are to preserve, maintain, coordinate the implementation, and to convey our rich heritage to our children and grand children's, using all educational means at our disposal to bring into being the necessary foundations.

We find it necessary to include in our Society numerous committees, among them archives, education, genealogy, publication, rabbinical, research, and social projects.

We call on everyone around the world to join us in this endeavor to achieve these goals. May we merit the benefits and rewards that will accrue.


Desire L. Sakkal President

Victor D. Sanua Ph.D Vice President

Menahem Y. Mizrahi Ph.D Treasurer

Joseph E. Mosseri Secretary

Joseph I. Malki

Elie M. Mosseri

Nissim C. Sabban

Done on April 15, 1996 New York county of Kings.